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Hi. I’m Daniel Inglis.

I’m the man behind On2it Electronics and am a qualified electronics engineer.


Starting On2it Electronics meant that I could offer my services without compromising on customer service or quality. You'll find that I'm a "straight-up" kind of guy who wants to find the most efficient and effective way to repair or design your electronic componentry. I'm very aware that time is money and I have no interest in wasting either of these. 

I'm also very passionate about electronic design and am currently working on a few projects of my own. Eventually, I'd like to think that On2it Electronics will be a leading provider of electronic design and development services in New Zealand. 

If you think you need my help, give me a call. I'm always happy to have a chat and I offer free phone consultations.

Why choose On2it Electronics?

Personalised Service

Mobile Options

Industry Experience

Effective & Practical Solutions

Efficient & Professional

Open communication

Competitive Pricing