Living off-grid or just want to save power? Have a natural water source you'd like to utilize? Have stock troughs that need to be emptied or filled? Need to water the garden or wash the truck?
This handy little unit lends itself to a variety of situations where there is a need for water to be relocated.


* It's portable!
* It's charged by the sun!
* Battery operated!
* Automatic on/off pressure switch!
* Master on/off switch!
* Ready to use!
* Pump is self-priming and can be run dry!

These water pumps are provided with everything you need, including the battery, solar panel charger and pump. You just need to attach your hose and you're ready to go!
These units are made by us, right here in NZ! They are made to order so please allow up to 2 weeks for assembly. All parts are sourced from NZ suppliers.

Solar Charged Portable Water Pump V2.0

SKU: SCPWP072021
  • Power Supply:

    Fuse: 10A Self Resetting x2
    Battery: 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    Solar: 12V 80W Solar Panel
    Charge Controller: 10A Solar Control with Low Voltage Cut Out

    Optional: Comes with an extended charge lead at 10m

    Pump Specs:

    Open Flow: 13.23.5GPM
    Pressure Cut Out: 45psi/3.1bar
    Current Draw: 5A-MAX 10A
    Voltage: 12V

    Hose Specs:

    Intake: 15mm
    Outlet: 20mm or Gardina style quick connect
    Filter: 50 MESH Strainer- Washable

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